Greenwald – play on former Russian [...]

Greenwald attempts to gain credibility on the anti-conspiracy front by citing the credentials of Masha Gessen:

MASHA GESSEN IS a Russian-American journalist and author who has become one of the nation’s leading Russia experts and one of its most relentless and vocal critics of Vladimir Putin. She has lived her life on and off in the U.S. and Russia, but as a Jewish lesbian and mother of three children, she left Russia in 2013 and moved back to the U.S. in part because she felt threatened by the increasingly anti-LGBT climate there, one that began particularly targeting LGBT adopted families with discriminatory legislation.

An appeal to Gessen's expertise and that she has lived in Russia is helpful for context of the story. But, where is the balanced reporting that Greenwald is calling for if he doesn't also run stories talking with the likes of Gary Kasparov.

We can be critical of Greenwald until such time as he stops trying to stack the deck.

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