Greenwald – Oronov incident [...]

Continuing the decomposition of Greenwald's story, he uses the example of conspiracy theory advance built on supposed suspicious death of Oronov.

TO SEE HOW extreme this derangement has become, let’s look at the latest conspiracy theory that took hold of fringe and mainstream figures alike this weekend. It was prompted by the death of Alex Oronov, a 68-year-old Ukrainian-American whose daughter married Bryan Cohen, who is the brother of Michael Cohen, who is Trump’s personal lawyer. Got all those connections, those “dots”?

In some forms of computer software development, the idea is to tackle the most complicated parts first. Greenwald is doing the opposite here. By tackling a sub-plot that is easier to discredit he avoids the heart of the story. We can critique here because he isn't reporting the Oronov story but the conspiracy theory of Russiagate.

Please Greenwald, tell us about key players in Russiagate.

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