Greenwald – counter over-reach [...]

Greenwald uses anecdotes, following Gessan, to challenge the narrative that Trump is Putin's puppet.

 or when Trump’s actions (such as hiring numerous anti-Russia hawks for key positions) explode the “Putin’s puppet” narrative, it makes no difference to our mainstream conspiracy obsessives because – as she puts it – “such is the nature of conspiracy thinking that facts can do nothing to change it.”

But wait, the claim that Trump is a puppet is over-reaching the claim that there was interference from Russia. Exaggerating the concern is dishonest, reductio ad absurdum. Even if there are reports that have sensationalized the story, a counter response to the sensationalized parts steers the dialogue away from the getting us to a factual base.

Conflating the concerns by focusing on secondary synthetic data that is suspect doesn't help build a factual base that there was no interference from Russia. [Note: American elections are closely contested and marginal effects can play a critical aspect in results.]

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